5 Easy Commands to Teach Your Dachshund in 2024


Dachshunds, often known for their distinctive long bodies and short legs, are not just adorable but also highly intelligent. This breed, originally bred for hunting, possesses a keen sense of smell and an inquisitive nature, making them excellent companions for various activities.

Training a dachshund, however, requires patience, consistency, and an understanding of their unique personality traits. They are known for their stubbornness, but with the right approach, you can effectively teach them basic commands.

Training not only enhances your bond with your dachshund but also ensures their safety and well-being. In this article, we will explore  5 Easy Commands to Teach Your Dachshund in 2024 that are essential for any dachshund owner to teach their pet. These commands are simple, yet crucial for instilling good manners and obedience in your furry friend.


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Get Your Dog’s Attention: Hold a treat close to your dachshund’s nose.

Use the Command: Say “Sit” in a clear, firm tone.

Guide the Action: Gently push down on your dog’s rear while holding the treat above their head, leading their eyes and nose upward. This motion naturally encourages the dog to sit.

Reward Immediately: As soon as your dachshund sits, give them the treat and praise them.

Repeat: Practice this several times in short, engaging sessions.


Dachshund Stay here
Dachshund Stay here

Start with ‘Sit’: Begin by having your dachshund in the ‘sit’ position.

Introduce the Command: With your palm facing your dog, say “Stay”.

Step Back: Take a step back. If your dachshund stays, return to them and reward them with a treat.

Gradually Increase Distance: Gradually increase the number of steps you take away from your dog before rewarding them.

Practice Regularly: Repeat this exercise in various locations with different levels of distraction.


Dachshund Come Here
Dachshund Come Here

Use a Happy Tone: In a cheerful tone, say “Come” or “[Dog’s Name], Come”.

Entice with a Treat: Show them a treat to encourage movement towards you.

Reward Upon Arrival: When your dachshund comes to you, immediately give them the treat and affection.

Practice with Distractions: As they get better, practice in areas with more distractions.


Start in ‘Sit’: Have your dachshund in the ‘sit’ position.

Use the Command: Hold a treat in your hand and say “Down”.

Lead Them Down: Slowly move your hand with the treat towards the ground, encouraging your dog to follow.

Reward When They Lie Down: Once they’re fully down, give them the treat and praise.

Keep Practicing: Repeat regularly, gradually reducing the need for treats.

Leave It

Dachshund Leave it
Dachshund Leave it

Hold a Treat in Both Hands: Show your dachshund a treat in one hand and close your fist around it.

Use the Command: Say “Leave it” and wait for them to stop sniffing or licking your hand.

Reward from the Other Hand: Once they obey, give them a treat from the other hand.

Increase Difficulty: Gradually move to placing the treat on the floor and covering it with your hand.

Practice Consistently: Repeat the command until your dog moves away from the treat on the floor on their own.


Teaching your dachshund these five commands can greatly enhance your relationship and ensure their safety. Remember, consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key in training.

Each dachshund is unique, so adapt these steps to suit your dog’s learning style and pace. Enjoy the bonding experience and celebrate the small victories along your training journey!

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